A New restart | dev talk
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Publication Date: 2021/04/06 - 05:10 pm
A New restart | dev talk

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hello everyone, it's been a while, since I wrote something, and I have some news today.

this time it's not about youtube or life update, this time it's a dev update.

as a web developer, part of a team with over ten developers, working day and night, it gave me busy days. I usually split my time between developing our website, filming, and learn filming more, and I didn't have enough time for the community, the PHP community.

so this week I decided to free up my time to do something, A new package that can be used with the laravel framework, its an extinctions from the Ar-PHP project, which started by Khaled Alshamaa years ago.

the project provides a set of tools that enable Arabic website developers to serve professional search, present and process Arabic content in PHP.

checkout my ar-php-laravel package on my Github page, hope you find it useful and don't forget to spread the word :)

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