A Storage Story
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Publication Date: 2020/05/28 - 06:12 pm
this post is just a fun side project I did a few days ago, I take some photos to things around me, and I make a video about it as a "behind the scenes" and publish it to youtube, so enjoy the little story 😌

When I was in elementary school, part of our class is to bring a floppy disk to use it in the school computer as a "since activity class."

It's this black square-shaped thingy that can store (at that time it was a lot) some files and folders, and make "easy" to transfer the data from pc to another.

I just moved to a small-town school, so no one else even knows about with the heck is these things, I was the only nerd who has, not one or two, but more than a dozen off floppy disks.

I had lots of games and some apps; it was one of my joyful things to own.

I was spending all the time playing different games, and the sound of switching between them, and pull one out of the computer and push another was, ahh amazing.

Begin alone was the thing that makes me proceed to learn more and more about computer stuff. I was a lonely boy, no friends, nobody, so the joy the computer brings to me was everything I want.

Back to the store :), storage units become more and more reliable and increased in size and shapes, and so many choices.

Now, it's in the size of your nail, inside your phone, or smaller than a thump in your bucket.

For me, it's always fun to look back to stuff that's were a massive part of our life right now, who knows what the future will bring to us.

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