Life Update #5 find happiness
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Publication Date: 2021/03/12 - 12:30 pm
Life Update #5 find happiness

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Since I moved to the city, I've been in a weird place, adjusting to the new apartment, the weather, and the big city's noise. Everything feels different and new to me. Although I lived in this city most of my life, the change from living among nature to the city was tough.

So I am always looking for things to do to keep me busy and smile, for example, watching videos for my favorites YouTubers and friends.

this weeks video from Miyu is about stories about the happiest memories, with amazing music

other channels I love to watch every week:

Watching all these videos really reminds me life still good and gives me a dose of hope.

since I moved, I didn't open my camera bag, I wasn't feeling it, since all my videos were about the cabin, every time I think of the film again, it hurt to remembers the cabin and everything related to it.

But today, I finally took the camera out, and It felt a bit weird to start again. I may film something while waiting to finish the new apartment, no promises, but I will try to feel happy making videos again.

Happy songs from Miyu's radio show:

Apple Music:

and Spotify version:

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