My room and desk setup at the cabin
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Publication Date: 2020/07/10 - 03:30 am

I moved to the cabin, and I brought everything I have from my old home.

the cabin has four bedrooms, but I am only using one room for everything,,

I need to relax and take a break on weekends, and watch some TV,

also, I am always watching youtube on the big screen,

I didn't have to buy anything, thank god, and it's fit in my small room very well,

and I love the small place, cozy and contained, easy to keep it clean,

Next week I'll set up my desk, take me along time to finish it, but it looks fantastic,

I also moved my wooden desk, it's needed some painting and fixes, this is my first DIY at the cabin.

That's means I had to get rid of the stickers I collected over the years.

It took me 6 days to finish it, a pre-stain coat, and three paint coats, and some sanding in between.

And I finally have a proper workspace for my works.

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thanks for been here ❤️.

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