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On: 2021/02/09 - 08:10 pm

A dear friend recently asked me about my saddest and happiest memories in my life. Weirdly enough, I have tons of sad stories, but I couldn't think of that many happy moments.

I don't remember my first happy memory, and I don't have many once from my childhood. It was tough; all the happy moments that I can remember is ending up with sad, like one time, I got a new truck toy and was playing with it, it had lights and open doors so amazed with it and so happy at the time, I think I was around 6 years old, was the first toy I remember I really liked so much. It was from my grandmother, the one who passed years ago.

So I was excited and playing with it, and accidentally broke the doors. And my dad saw that and yield to me the whole day. Every time he sees me reminds me of the toy I break. A happy memory is gone.

But when I get older and more independent, I collect a view moments...

I am usually happy when I crack a complicated issue at work, have ice cream on a winter cold day, sip on my coffee in the morning, or spend some time in the kitchen listing to my favorite tracks, or dining in my favorite restaurant.

Small things really make me happy.

But the happiest one, let's see...

Maybe when I picked my first paycheck from my first job after high school, the money was basically nothing, but I felt I earned it. This money was not a gift or handover, or a loan. It was mine, from my work. I was so happy that I take my family to a fancy restaurant and spend so much on dinner.

Or maybe when I bought my first new car, it was in 2007, I also take my family on a road trip and drive for 3 hours to the beach, in the new car, with the new car smells.

Or, most recently, when I moved to the cabin and spent a year there, I can say by far it was the happiest moment in my life.

These are the highlights from my memories that make me so happy every time I see old photos and remembering these moments.

Thank you for spending time to read this :)

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Saddest and Happiest

Photo by Soragrit Wongsa on Unsplash

Saddest and Happiest
On: 2021/02/09 - 08:10 pm

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On: 2021/02/04 - 02:11 am

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