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Publication Date: 2020/05/26 - 09:12 am

Hello everyone, My name is Ashraf T Monshi "yes, believe it or not, my initial name is ATM. 😂"

I am a web developer, and I love all tech-related.

I live a quiet life, I don't have much of dreams, I always preferred to be alone, I am much more productive and time manageable this way.

I Only have three friends, we stuck together for about 13 years so far, I am so grateful for them.

I am a single man, "YES, I am in my late thirties, and I am single by choice.😌" I live with my family, But that didn't stop me from having a small cabin away from home, where I spend most of my time there, working remotely, and spend some time with nature.

Most of my time is for my work, I don't do many side projects, I am planning to change that sometimes, who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️.

I spend a lot of my time on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, I usually post some photos weekly, and I retweet A LOT!😅

In twitter, I am only Following people from my field, web developer, and some creative people I like, musicians and tech enthusiasts.

Love to watch and rewatch a lot of TV shows, I usually love to play something in the background like friends show or the Gilmore girls (YUP !!! this show is my guilty pleasure 😉).

I can't stand to work in silence; that's not my mojo.

I am also Sci-fi sucker, star wars, marvel, DC, you name it.

When I am not watching anything, love me some music, any kind of music, just flow the mod.

I don't play video games much, I used to have a Windows PC, and I played SimCity, Banished, and Red Alert.

I never played a video game, since I switch to mac

Once I bought for my family a PlayStation 3, the only game I played was CRASH BASH (B/C off bash, you know 😂).

Honestly, I didn't start writing here till recently, I want to make some changes in my life, to be more social and learn how to be a human bean.

So I make this page to Introduce my self.

I want to start to do more stuff out of my comfort zone, all that I got to is writing small posts here and share some photos in my Instagram.

Also I want to be a vlogger, so I am learning to make videos and shot some stuff around the cabin and edit them in final cut pro. Still, so far, I make one, which looks stupid and doesn't publish it to youtube, and I am still learning.

So that's me, sorry to waste three minutes of your life reading this, and thank you for going throw this page till the last dot 😊.

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